- Demo Derby Rules -

Join us for the next Demo Derby during the 2012 Norman County Fair!


2012 Norman County Demolition Derby Rules , Saturday June 30th 6:00pm




1. Driver must wear crash helmet at all times in the arena.  

2. Driver must wear seat belts. Belts must be solidly bolted to the floor or frame.

3. All drivers and pit persons will sign a waiver releasing all officials of any responsibility and liability in the derby contract.

4. If a driver or pit person is under the age of 18, they must have a waiver of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian.

5. All cars must pass tech inspection before receiving qualifying stick.

6. Passenger cars permitted - no convertibles or hearses.

7. Pick-Ups, Ram Chargers, Broncos, Blazers, Vans & Suburbans will be 2-wheel drive 1/2 ton only. No 4 wheel drives allowed. Removing front drive shaft on 4 wheel drives is not allowed. Cover the gap between cab and box on pick-ups to keep driver's finger's from being pinched is mandatory.

8. Compact wheelbase no more than 107". Must be 4 or 6 cylinder. No V8 in compact class.

 9. Engine may be interchanged from any make - must be in stock location, no cutting out of firewall, except for dist. protection.

10. Cars must be numbered (18" in height) on both front doors and roof. Mandatory 18"X18" roof # sign.

 11. Hoods, trunk lids & tailgates must remain in stock location. Hood may be folded over if removal of nose sections exposes any extra hood. All may be secured shut in 6 points using any combination of welded link chain (1/2"Max diameter), 2"X3" flat plate (3/16 max thickness), wire, or redi-rod (1" max diameter) or bolts (1" max diameter). Redi-rod may be welded to top of frame or drill through frame and secured with SAE type washer &* nut - Not welded - No extra welding or reinforcing - Max O.D.4" SAE type washer or 4"X4" flat plate (Max thickness 1/4"). No more than 3" of redi-rod may be sticking out of hoods & trunks. HOOD & TRUNK MUST BE ABLE TO BE INSPECTED FROM INSIDE IF NEEDED.

 12. Radiator must remain in stock position.


Awesome Payout for 2012!

Demo Pay Out



Full Size                                   Compact                       Pick-Up



1. $500                   $250                            $500



2. $400                   $100                            $300



3. $300&n bsp;                  $75                              $100



4. $200                   $65                              $75



5. $100                   $50                              $50



6. $50                     $40                              $40



7. $40                     $30                              $30



8. $30                &n bsp;    $25                              $25





Baja Rules



Car Requirements


•Roll cage - inside of car, 3 or 4 point roll bar of 2” or larger pipe bolted to the floor with plates.


•Car netting - Drivers window must be covered with approved ra ce car netting to keep all body parts inside of car in case of a roll-over. ***NEW RULE***


•Battery – stock or safely relocated.


•Gas tank – stock or safely relocated.


•Glass – remove lights front and rear, may leave windshield and roll down side windows, if windshield is removed must have a helmet with a face shield .


•Tires – stock or approved for highway use.


•Air bags - removed.


•Sunroof - must be plugged or covered.


•Drivers - must wear a helmet and have a seatbelt with a shoulder harness.


•No passengers are allowed!


•Number - on car roof in the vertical position 


                                    Baja Pay Out



4cly                  6cly                  8cly



1. $75         $75                  $75



2. $50         $50                  $50



3. $25         $25                  $25


Reserve the right to adust pay to the field of cars.



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